Abstract Submission

Instructions for Abstract Submission

* Language: English

* Font: Times New Roman 12pt

* Abstract title: Typed in bold

* The given name(s) & last name(s) of the author(s) should be written in upper and lower case in italics. The presenting author’s name must be underlined. Use indices if authors come from more than one affiliation.

* All authors’ affiliation details should be written under the names, preceded by the corresponding indices, if needed.

* The corresponding author should be indicated using a * and the e-mail address of the corresponding author should be provided in an extra line.

* Word limit for body of Abstract text should not proceed 300 words (title, names, and affiliations are not included into 300 words)

* Text alignment should be justified

* Single line spacing should be used as shown in example

* Key words up to 5 terms could be used. 

For sample abstract please CLICK HERE

 Naming your abstract file (use Microsoft Word)

1) “Oral” and “Poster”

2) dash (–)

3) Last name of the presenter (not corresponding author)

Example: If you (e.g., Mr. Toprak) are submitting two abstracts, one for an Oral presentation and another one as a Poster, you should name them:
Oral-Toprak.doc and Poster-Toprak.doc


If the presenter is a student, please add “STU” before last name in the naming of the abstract file (e.g: STU-Oral-Özdemir).


One person is limited to make one oral and/or one poster presentation but could be involved in multiple abstracts as author or corresponding author.



Posters should consist of an informative title, introduction, methods, results and discussion with references. Self-explanatory figures, charts and tables may be added when necessary. Posters will be 90 cm (h) x 60 cm (w). The authors will be informed once their abstracts are accepted.

Oral Presentations

There will be a 15 minutes time limitation for oral presentations including questions and answers.

Abstract submission is over. Thank you for your interest in IMPPC-2019